At Turner Scott Consulting we offer a range of corporate governance and executive leadership development related services because we don’t want you to fail. As a result we have created our board director, chair and executive training and induction programmes.  Why? Because we strongly believe that a well aligned, focused and performing board and leadership team will generate exceptional results.  Therefore, working with us you’ll get the very tools, skills and knowledge needed to hit the ground running. You’ll be ready to govern from day one.

But board and director performance is essential in a high functioning organisation. But here is an example where corporate governance and executive leadership failed.  The Westpac Bank in Australia, there board and executive leadership failed.

We understand this.  So to help, we’ll give you the systems, knowledge and training in the skills to addressing under performing directors and executives.  Furthermore, you may need to consider the Board/CEO relationship and performance.  We can help here as well.  So, combine our governance and leadership skills development with our unique strategic planning and monitoring service and we can almost guarantee you and your business will not fail.

So, reach out now for a free, no obligation chat with Chris.  It could be just the answers you need.

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