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The Seven Things Super Successful Boards Do… From a Leader Who’s Been There!

Get your FREE copy of our guide: “7 Steps to a Super Successful Board”. This exclusive report contains vital information that will help revitalise and focus your board’s performance. It’s packed full of insider tips and insights from an award-winning Board Chair, Director and CEO who’s seen the worst and worked with the best around Australia.

“Successful leaders and winning teams are made, not born”

As a Board Chair, Director or Chief Executive Officer – Are you looking to get the leading edge from yourself and from your team? Are you playing your best game, cracking the threshold of your potential? As an experienced Board Chair, Director and CEO with over 30 year’s experience, The most business-critical issue is ensuring you and your team are on top of your game.

As the business world struggles to meet rising compliance, in a time of unforgiving corporate failures, and with many directors and leaders who are under prepared; it’s time for change. We need world class leaders. As a result our director and leadership development programs build individuals from the inside out, we focus on their specific needs and give them the learning to be the best they possibly can. Focused, committed and aligned.

Having transformed several under-performing individuals and businesses into an award winning ones, I have personally faced the myriad of internal and external challenges faced by leaders, and have captured the essence of the things that matter most.

At Turner Scott Consulting, we are passionate about doing the same for you. It’s time to get the best people into your business, performing at their optimal level, working collaboratively to produce the results you need.

We build the very best directors and leadership teams; our aim is to create world-class corporate leadership in your business.

We do this in four easy and effective ways.


Director Training & Induction


CEO Confidant & Executive Coaching


Leadership Development for Teams and Individuals


Strategic Planning & Implementation

Meet Turner Scott Consulting Founder

Chris is an inspirational, results-driven leader with over 30 years’ experience as Board Chair, Director and Chief Executive Officer.

He has gathered a myriad of skills and experiences from these roles underpinned by a strong foundation of academic achievement.

Chris is passionate about applying his experience, contemporary thinking and latest research in governance and human behaviour into developing world-class and practical governance systems and leaders. And in so doing, his resolve is to inspire sound emotional intelligence with good governance, purposeful executive leadership and operational performance to bring the very best out in people, to achieve their success and ‘nail-it’ for results-oriented businesses.

Chris is committed to working with individuals, teams and organisations to build leaders from the inside-out – aligning their core beliefs, values and capabilities to achieve exceptional success. Not telling people what to do but guiding them to believe in what they can do.

Be focused, be aligned and get results.


Director Training & Induction

The most fundamental element for any new and aspiring directors is to know what you are doing. To do so, is to have a clear understanding of your role, its obligations and the potential risks associated with it – to you, your family and your business.

Once you’ve gained these skills and advanced your knowledge you can be confident in becoming a valuable contributor to the board and the business.  You will have gain an understanding of the principles of good governance and how to maintain them. To strengthen the business, its reputation and the performance of the board. You will be contributing to and honouring  your personal commitment to the organisations mission, the pursuit of their vision, and through the application of their strategies towards achieving considerable success. 

At Turner Scott Consulting we recognise that there is fundamental difference in the leadership teams within an organisation. Governance is the responsibility of the board, as opposed to the day-to-day operations, which sits with management. Yet both need to maintain a clear focus on the strategic direction and deliver optimal performance. So, we collaborate with your board to assist in getting the right people at the table, develop and oversee personalised induction, and land directors in the board room ready and eager to govern as a dynamic team.

As a result, the Board will be building a strong dynamic team, incorporating principles of good governance. They will grow in emotional intelligence to enhance their capacity to communicate openly and collaboratively, engage in passionate and at times challenging conversations, and have compassion for, and take a holistic view of others. Building trust, improving performance and having respect for one another.

CEO Confidant Coaching

As Chief Executive Officer your success is critical to the performance of the business, its culture and your own career and reputation.

As Chief Executive Officer you sit at the nexus between the governance authority of the Board and the day-to-day operational needs of the business. Compounding this point of contact are the further obligations placed on you from a range of directions including governments, corporate necessity and consumer demands.

You are the vital link between all these pressures and it’s essential that you continually work on the business, meeting the challenges and expectations bestowed on you. To do this, continual self-reflection and development are key to keep you ‘in-front of the game’,  working with your own ‘personal confidant’ – somebody who’s been there, that you can trust to provide support, clarity and reassurance will lay the foundations for your success.

You are the vital link to business success.


Are you ready to gain measurable success?


Executive Leadership for Organisations, Teams and Individuals

Enhancing profitability and operational excellence can only be achieved with true engagement.

We work with your board, executive and leadership team to deliver dynamic leadership both at an individual and team level. We align team performance to business planning to ensure honest accountability and measurable success.

Our programs have been purposefully designed to enhance how leaders lead so they fully engage and achieve results through their people. Leaders today need more than just technical competence. They need self-awareness and the capacity to connect and engage with others. If leaders fail to do so, they often misuse their force or misunderstand their relationships, thereby creating cultures of compliance, mistrust and fear.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

At the heart of every vision and every business objective is a person who must execute it.

What could you achieve if you knew your Strategic Plan couldn’t fail?

We lead a contemporary approach to Strategic Planning and complement it with our unique Strategic Assurance Program to ensure your objectives are successfully defined, actioned and embedded in your organisation.

Our approach is highly dynamic and interactive to ensure you create the most compelling vision and plan for your business. Together, we develop the key metrics that are essential for the successful implementation of your vision and apply our unique approach to honest accountability, focused monitoring and outcome-based performance results to measure your success.

What if you knew you couldn't fail?


Honesty, Trust and Integrity

We are inspired by people who want to be the best version of themselves they can, to be vulnerable yet courageous as they learn, grow and create.

Our Clients


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